Aaraam gah e Yusha r.a (Not related to a Prophet Yusha a.s)

Believed to be the burial site of the prophet that was sent to Israelites before Hz Musa a.s

Isfahan, Iran

Coordinates: 32.62668, 51.69037

Here lies another prophet that according to the local belief was sent to the Jews before the times of Hz Musa a.s.

The tomb of Prophet Yusha a.s is one of the holy sights not to be missed for religious tourist in Isfahan. It is in Takht Foulad cemetery and it is located on the north side of Tekeh Shahada.

This cemetery dates back to pre-Islamic periods. According to some historians, Prophet Yusha a.s was rescued by Cyrus from the captivity of Bakht al-Nasr and came to Iran. The tomb of this prophet is without a shrine and is slightly above the ground. The area where Prophet Yuusha a.s is buried is known as the Lisan al Arz.

In the book “Prophets in Iran” written by Valiullah Fawzi Tuysarkani, published by Islamic Publications Office, there is a brief talk about this prophet.

A building was built on the shrine of Hz Yusha a.s during the time of “Al Boyeh” and it was completed and renewed during the Safavid era, and during the Iraq-Iran war in recent years, it was destroyed and only a marble stone was installed on the grave.

According to some historians, Hz Yusha a.s was among those who were rescued by Cyrus from the captivity of Bukhtunser and migrated to Iran, and after his death, he was buried in Lasan Al-Arz.

It should be noted that this prophet should not be confused with Yusha bin Nun a.s, the successor of Prophet Musa (a.s). Many sacred shrine of Hz Yoshua bin Nun a.s is located in Mount Lebanon, near Tayyaba, or baghdad, Palestine or in Istanbul.

Some of the information provided in this articles is provided from the Shia scholars