Difference between Tomb and a Maqam

The Tomb is a burial site of a respected Prophet, Sahabi or any Saint and a Maqam is a place which is somewhat associated with a prophet for example where he stayed for a particular amount of days, or where he left some markings like footprints or where he performed some miracles.

Authentic Site vs. Site for Reverence

Authentic sites are as the word describe it, authentic beyond the reason of doubt while sites for reverence are those sites that were created in order to receive spiritual blessings from a particular Prophet, Sahaba or a Saint.

General Places (Related to Islamic Tombs and Relics)

Islamic Maqams (Islam is prevalent but other religion sentiments might be there)

Quranic Places

Ahl-e-Kitab Maqams (Other religion is prevalent but Islamic sentiments might be present there)

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى save us from errors and help us to walk on the straight path (Ameen)