Our Mission

All praise be to Allah, The Lord of the worlds, and salutations and greetings of peace be upon our beloved Master Muhammad ﷺ, upon his family, his companions, his righteous folk, his students of knowledge and his ummah.

Five Ws

Everywhere you search around the internet and explore things about Islam, you will come across so much information that deals with the “Why” “What” “When” “How” “Who” and “Whom”. But what about “Where”? Do we have enough information that teaches us all we need to know about the “Where” of Islam?

The short answer is No, we don’t. And yes this website is totally dedicated to that.

There are a few websites and Instagram posts that talk about major places related to Islam like Mecca Sharif, Medina Sharif, and Palestine, but what about the rest of the world? What about those places that we teach our children and our peers that happened around some holy personality, but have no idea where it happened?

What about the place where Hz Musa a.s fought the bad guy Balam baura? What about the place where Hz Isa alahi salam encountered the devil during his days of wandering? What about the place where Hz Khidr alahi salam might have drank the water from the sping of life.

Our Mission here is to do two things. First to create the biggest database of not just holy maqams but all the places related to the Islamic Past Present and Future.

And Secondly, to grade every maqam according to its authenticity. Learn more about Grading here.

Why are we calling it “Lost Maqams”

Merriam-Webster defines the word ‘lost’ as not made use of, won or claimed, no longer known, taken away, or beyond reach or attainment, no longer visible, not appreciated or understood, or overlooked during a process or activity.

We do not intend to be the next Indiana Jones of Maqams or anything. We intend to bring into light those places that are widely unknown by the world except by a bunch of few people. We call these places “Lost maqams”

Every maqam has a story. We intend to find it, grade it and post it on this website.

New Website

Things are slow here, as you might have noticed that this is a WordPress website. So we are very much limited.

We’ll soon be migrating to PHP based website InshAllah. And adding features like discussion forums, Suggestion panels, an interactive user profile for submissions of Maqams and stuff, Pledging pages, and so on.

What kind of Maqams are we talking about

For a general idea, you can scroll through the homepage of AtlasIslamica. And we intend to add many Categories and subcategories to the website soon if Allah Wills.

In short, from anything ordinary to everything extraordinary will be included.

How many Maqams and sites related to Islamic history can be gathered

The sky is the limit here. This website contains around 850 places. The maqams that are not posted amount to around 2000.

And these are just from research that was done by a couple of people here over a period of a few months.

What about those places that aren’t even uploaded on the internet? What about the places that only a bunch of villagers or country folks know about? I think you got my point here.

How can you support us?

This is it. This is where we need you. This project cannot be completed without your support.

We need you to submit locations of Maqams or location that you know, (that fits the criteria) that are not on this website.

New discussion forum is coming soon.