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LostMaqams Telegram Channel is for Islamic Maqams enthusiasts, if you love discussing about different maqams related to Prophets, Sahabas and Quranic places around the world, you’ll love this Channel. Follow along.


We are just starting out gathering information about as much Maqams as we can and it will never be possible without the help of common folks like you. Let’s preserve out History, Culture, Heritage and the Legacy of our Buzurgan e Deen (The wise elders of deen).

If you know any Quranic Place, any site related too Prophets or Sahabas mentioned in the Quran or the Prophets that were sent to the Ahl e Kitab that you haven’t seen on this website then please submit the location and provide information related to Those Maqqams with the coordinates.

Why not just create a submit form?

We don’t want that kind of submissions because it’s not just about getting coordinates of a place. It’s more than that. We need to have a healthy discussion about what’s the story behind that Maqam is and why we should consider going there in the first place. And what’s the best place to discuss than a group or a channel. Emails are slow so that’s why we are using Telegram.