Addas Mosque

Historic place where the Prophet ﷺ, after being injured by the poeple of Taif, rested here and where a christian farmer became first Muslim of Taif

Taif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 21.257686, 40.390836

This site refers to a great man who lend a helping hand to Allah’s Prophet Muhammad ﷺ while he was in a bad condition of being mistreated by people of Taif.

Propagation of Islam in Taif

It was in Shawal 10th year after Prophethood when The Prophet ﷺ traveled himself to preach the great religion to a place outside of Makkah for the first time.

He took Hz. Zaid bin Harith رضي الله عنه, his adopted son for a company and walked through lengthy mountainous pathways to Taif. He had some blood relation through His Mother with people in Taif, the ‘Thaqeef’ tribe.

After receiving harsh treatment and negation from Makka infidels, He took a chance that His relatives in Taif might allow Him to propagate Islam there.

Treatment of People of Taif

The reception and treatment of people in Taif was just the reverse and unbearable. Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had to return sadly after being offended even physically and hit by stone on His sacred leg.

He took shelter in a grape field owned by Utbah and Shaibah bin Rabeea’h (both were infidels from Makkah who were killed at Badar battle).

They were watching the event but felt sympathy and engaged their farmer Addas to offer a bunch of grapes to Muhammad ﷺ.

Hz. Addas رضي الله عنه, the first believer of Taif

Addas, a Christian from Ninevah (a place now in Iraq to where Prophet Younus عليه السلام was sent by Allah) watched Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ reciting name of Allah before eating a grape.

To his astonishment he found that is something he didn’t hear from people over there. So he quizzed Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and understood that the man in front of him is the Messenger of Allah.

Without a second thought he embraced Islam and became the first believer from Taif (رضي الله عنه).

Mercy of Allah to muslims

This is Allah’s rule. He will guide those He wishes to right path. Owners of the grape field knew Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from childhood, but they couldn’t believe in Him.

Relatives of Rasoolullah ﷺ in Thaqeef tribe knew Him for a long time, but they couldn’t believe Him at this time.

But a man came from a faraway land has believed to Allah and His Messenger.

Addas Mosque

Masjid Addas is constructed at the place where this event happened. It is a cool and nice place with good vegetation around.

Allah’s Messenger ﷺ had prayed for benefit of people in Taif though they refuted Him. This shows utmost mercy, simplicity and forgiving nature of Allah’s beloved ﷺ about whom Allah has mentioned “Truly, You are with high esteem of characters”.