Al Asad Oasis

Located near Al Asad Airbase, this oasis is supposedly said to be used by Hz. Ibrahim عليه اسلام and his tribe while on their way to the Sacred land (Al-Aqsa)

Anbar, Iraq

Coordinates: 33.800064, 42.433329

Commonly referred to as Ibrahim’s Oasis or Ibrahim’s Well (عليه اسلام), would have been critical to his travels through the desert.

According to the oral local tradition of the Bedouins, this was where Hz. Ibrahim عليه اسلام and his family stopped before going on to Canaan, which is Jerusalem, where Allah called him.

It is not the most direct route. Some say that maybe he was lost.

However, through the years it has been proven that Hz. Ibrahim عليه اسلام actually stopped in Canaan which is located on the western shore of present day Turkey.

A small village grew up at the oasis in the 20th century but Saddam Hussein had its residents ousted when he built the base.

Travelling from Ur

Travelling from Ur to Al Asad can be accomplished in a matter of hours in present times, but Lanigan said he estimates Hz. Ibrahim عليه اسلام and his family would have spent at least 58 days traveling this 700 mile distance on foot.

Although there is no proof that Hz. Ibrahim عليه اسلام stopped at this particular oasis, some scholars says that it would have made sense for Hz. Ibrahim عليه اسلام to have followed a path through this area.

One Historian said that he definitely traveled north, instead of going all the way west” he said. “That would be a deadly march because there really is not any fresh water. So he (عليه اسلام) had to have moved along the Euphrates (River).”