Al-Juhaynah Mosque

Established for the tribes of Juhaina and Bali by the Prophet ﷺ, this mosque is situated on the southern end of Mount Sela

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.471196, 39.602365

This mosque is attributed to the two tribes of Juhaynah and Bali where the muhajirin (immigrants) from both tribes used to live.

An elder man from Bali asked The Prophet ﷺ, to pray in a location that he could use as his prayer area.

On the authority of Rafi ibn Mukayth al-juhany, he said: The Prophet ﷺ came to visit a sick man of his companions from Juhaynah from Bany Al-Rab`ah called Abu Maryam.

He visited him between the house of Bany Qays Alattar that has (iSjil I and their other house that follows the house of Ansar.

The Prophet ﷺ prayed in that house.

Some people from Juhaynah suggested to Abu Maryam to catch The Prophet ﷺ, and ask him to specify a mosque for them.

Abu Maryam agreed and asked them to prepare a ride for him to follow The Prophet ﷺ.

When he arrived, The Prophet ﷺ, said: What do you need, Abu Maryam?.

Abu Maryam said: 0 Messgnger of Allah, could you please specify a mosque for my people?.

The Prophet ﷺ, went to the mosque area, which had some tents for people from Bali, and used a staff to specify the mosque area.

He then said ﷺ: The location is for Bali and the specification is for Juhaynah.

On the authority of Hz. Jabir ibn Usamah Al-Juhany رضي الله عنه, he said: I met The Prophet ﷺ, with some of his companions at the market place.

I asked: Where are you headed?. They said: The Prophet ﷺ, specified a mosque for us and stuck a piece of wood in its Qiblah (prayer direction).

Another Hadith Narration

Ibn Shaiba narrates from Hz. Maaz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abi Mariam Ajjahani رضي الله عنه and others that the Prophet ﷺ prayed in Juhaynah mosque.

Hz. Jabir Ibn Osama Ajjahani رضي الله عنه says, ”I met the Prophet ﷺ with his companions in the market. I asked, “Where were you going with the Prophet ﷺ?” They said, ”To set a mosque for your people”. I came back and saw that the Prophet ﷺ set a mosque for my people and inserted a wooden stick in to refer to the Qiblah direction”. This happened in the spot where the mosque stands today.