Ancient City & Cave of Hz. Shuaib عليه اسلام

Located 45 kilometers away from Harran, there’s a cave among the ruins of the city known as the residing place (for some time) of Hz. Shuaib عليه اسلام

Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Coordinates: 36.866580, 39.376138

The ancient city of Hz. Shuaib عليه اسلام, located 45 km from Harran, is one of the most magnificent cities of the region with hundreds of rock tombs dating from the Roman period.

Interesting architectural style, the ancient city attracts visitors.

It is also known as the holy city because it is believed that Hz. Shuaib عليه اسلام lived in the caves here.

One of these contains a mosque on the site of the supposed home of the Hz. Shuaib عليه اسلام.

In addition, It is said that Hz. Musa عليه اسلام fled Pharaoh and came here. There is a 4,000-year history such as houses, businesses, water wells where those giant stones are carved.

It is rumored that through Hz. Musa عليه اسلام miracle, healing water came out of the place where his wand hit in the cave and that it should only be used for drinking.

One man is said to have bathed with healing water here due to which it is said that the person passed away and the water dried up.

Written and human pictures were drawn at the entrance of the cave sometime in the past.

Children in the area typically welcome tourists and tell the history of the ancient city and the story of the Prophet Shuaib.


It is Believed to be the place where the Hz. Shuaib عليه اسلام lived and met with Hz. Musa عليه اسلام, although this is highly speculative.

Hosting a large number of local and foreign tourists and with the remnants of the first Islamic university in the world, as well as Ulu Mosque from the time of Umayyads and conical domed houses, the ancient city is believed to have been constructed in Roman times, within the limits of the Harran district.


A cave in the city is visited by people who believe it to be the spot associated with the Hz. Shuaib عليه اسلام.

With several stone tombs and ashlar stone structures attracting attention, the ancient city is located on a large area with partly-visible traces of the city walls.

Several caves, tunnels and historical structures seen in the ancient city grant visitors an historical tour.

Structures made of cut stone, as well as a number of rock graves, also draw attention in the city.

Know This

The road from Harran to Han el-Ba’rür Caravanserai continues for 10 km. Then it reaches the ruins of the historical city of Shuayb, which is known as the Özkent Village in the Harran district.

Bring a torch and wear sturdy shoes.