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Alamut Castle of Hassan bin Sabbah

Magical Garden of Paradise created by Hassan bin Sabah, Alamut Castle has Magnificent landscapes and beautiful nature that at one point has been used as the prison and exile, and in another as the base for the...

Al Kahf Castle

Castle where Assasins leader Rashid ad-Din Sinan died, it was the last Isma'ili stronghold in Syria to surrender to the Mamluks

Masyaf Castle

Captured by the Assassins in 1141, Masyaf Castle became stronghold from which Rashid ad-Din Sinan, known as the Old Man of the Mountain, ruled from 1166-1193

Rudkhan Castle

A marvelous castle on the peak of mountain, Rudkhan Castle is located at the two peaks of a mountain that one day there were people living there and now only a memory of them is left

Abu Qubays Castle

Abu Qubays was one of several fortresses held by the Ismailis who once send assassins to murder Hz. Salahuddin Ayyubi رحمة الله عليه and his allies

Qalaat al-Madiq

It was one of the first castle to be acquired by Assassins in the Levant

Khawabi Castle

Once a stronghold of Nizari Ismailis' assassins, Khwabi Castle became geo-strategically important for the Ismailis since it provided further defense for other Ismaili mountain fortresses to its southwest

Al-Qadmus Castle

Deriving it's name from Phoenician prince, Qadmus Castle was once headquarters of the Isma'ili community in Syria

Al-Rusafa Castle

Once acted as a subsidiary fortress for the main Ismaili fortress of Masyaf, Al-Rusafa Castle was rebuilt by the Ismaili da'i (chief) Rashid ad-Din Sinan

Lambsar Castle

Probably the largest and the most fortified of the Ismaili castles, Only ruins remain of this magnificent fortress today

Gerdkuh Castle

Resisted the Mongol invasion of 1253 AD for 17 years, Gerdkuh Castle was the last Nizari stronghold in Persia to fall

Saru Castle

Located at 80 km of Gerdkuh, Saru Castles are another Ismaili castle of the Qumis region

Furg Citadel

The magnificent Furg Citadel is one of the most important historical fortresses in the country and one of the most significant monuments of Iran

Shahdiz Fortress

Having conspicuous, picturesque ruins on a subpeak of Mount Soffeh, Shahdiz was a fortress near Isfahan, notably held by the Nizari Ismailis, making it a great stronghold in Ishfahan region against Sunni Seljuq muslims