Banu Anif Mosque

Also knows as Masjid al-Misbah, Banu Anif Mosque is a mosque located southwest of Masjid Quba, the site where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did the first Fajr prayer when he first arrived in Medinah Sharif

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.435716, 39.615409

This Masjid is located near Masjid Quba in Medinah Sharif.

According to historians, Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ once stayed here and perform Fajr salat.

Hz. Abdul Rahman ﷺ Says “The prophet ﷺ prayed the fajr prayer in this area and then he travelled. He ﷺ made His camel Kneel down near ghars well before the rise of sun.

Also there is date garden near this place.

There are many names regarding the mosque. It is also called Masjid al-Misbah, and Masjid al-Fajr.