Cave and Well of Hz. Ayyub عليه اسلام

Also knows as Sabir Makam, Cave of Hz. Ayyub عليه اسلام is where he, while suffering from leprosy, laid in patience with his wife and prayed to Allah to make him healthy, which in due time was granted. Also there is the water which he drank to heal himself

Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Coordinates: 37.132452, 38.796614

Also knows as Sabir Makam, it is the cave that is considered to be the epitome of patience, where Hz. Ayyub عليه اسلام lived.

According to the belief, Hz. Ayyub عليه اسلام after being caught in the disease of leprosy, was closed to this cave and was treated here by his wife for years.

Hz. Ayyub عليه اسلام continued to suffer in a cave with his wife named Rahime and never gave up to worshipping Allah.

In spite of all of his sufferings, he never betrays or rebels to Allah.

At last, Hz. Ayyub عليه اسلام passes the exam, it is said that Allah did grant him His mercies at this very point and one is able to see the place where the water he drank to get healed, sprang.

This palce is also called as Sabir makam (Patience place) as this is the very point where Prophet Hz. Ayyub عليه اسلام layed in patience waiting for Allah to grant him His Mercy.

He continues to live for a long time with his wife and children granted to himself.

The beautiful state of the mosque around and the environs, makes it one of the most important touristic areas of Sanliurfa in eastern Turkey.

Know This

It is in the south of the city.

It can be very crowded in the cave so you have to be “patient” as the name suggest.

There is no entrance fee for anyone.