Hz. Ibrahim al-Dasuqi Rehmatullah alaih

Regarded as one of the four biggest Qutbs of the world, Hz. Ibrahim al-Dasuqi رحمة الله عليه showed signs of wilayat from his birth as he would not take his mother’s milk during the fasting times in the month of Ramadan

Desouk, Kafr El Sheikh – Egypt

Coordinates: 31.128515, 30.646295

Hz. Ibrahim al-Dasuqi رحمة الله عليه was an Egyptian Imam and the founder of the Dasuqi Order.


Hz. Ibrahim al-Dasuqi رحمة الله عليه was born in Desouk on the Nile delta and there he lived his whole life, hence his attribution to it.

According to traditions and popular sayings, He is a descendant of Hz. Ali ibn Abi Talib عليه اسلام from his paternal side and to the caliph of the Desouki order in Egypt from his maternal side.

He was influenced by the Shadhili Sufi order and was as well close to his contemporary Sufi Ahmad al-Badawi رحمة الله عليه of Tanta.

He became Sheikh ul-Islam of Egypt during Baibars rule.

His feast is celebrated twice a year: the first during April, and the second on October the 2nd.

He is the founder of the Tariqa known as Burhamiyyah or Dusuqiyyah.

His impressive spiritual attraction reached such peaks that the Sultan Baybars decided to make him the head Shaykh of Islam in Egypt which he accepted.

He fulfilled this responsibility nevertheless refusing any personal benefits, distributing his salary for example to the poor. Likewise, the Sultan commissioned the building of a zawiya (sufi lodge) for the Shaykh to meet with his students and teach them the matters and principles of their religion.

Hz. Ibrahim al-Dasuqi رحمة الله عليه continued working in the position of Shaykh al-Islam until the Sultan Baybars passed away so he excused himself from the position to be more available for his students.

Hz. Ibrahim al-Dasuqi رحمة الله عليه was a bachelor his whole life and dedicated all his time to Sufism, worship and meditation. He (may God be pleased with him) excelled in several languages besides Arabic including Syriac and Hebrew.

He wrote many books and essays in Syriac and he left behind for us a fortune of works in jurisprudence, Islamic creed and Quranic exegesis.

The most popular of them is “The book of Jewels” or “The Jewel of al-Dusooqy.” Orientalist scholars moved some of his works to Germany and one of his preserved poems is on display at the British Museum in London.

Al Ibrahimi Mosque

Al Ibrahimi Mosque, is a very holy and nice please also the largest mosque in Desouk, Egypt. It contains the tomb of Hz. Ibrahim al-Dasuqi رحمة الله عليه