House of Hz. Sam’un رضي الله عنه (Saint Peter)

Built on the site where Hz. Sam’un رضي الله عنه (Saint peter) use to live, this old church is considered to be one of the oldest church building created by him

Capernaum, Israel Occupied Palestine

Coordinates: 32.880600, 35.575400

St. Peter’s Church also called the Pilgrimage Church of St. Peter in Capernaum is a modern Catholic pilgrimage site found in the archaeological site of Capernaum.

It is said that Hz. Sam’un رضي الله عنه (Saint Peter) used to lived here.

This modern church in Capernaum is built on top of another church which was built on top of where Hz. Sam’un as-Safa رضي الله عنه (Saint Peter) lived.

It is said that Hz. Isa عليه اسلام spent some time at Hz. Sam’un’s رضي الله عنه house.

This is considered one of the first church in the world before he founded it in Rome that’s built on an archaeological site.

Description of the house

The modern structure does not look like a church however once inside, you realize it is a simple modern church with some statues.

In the church itself, there is a glass floor where you can look through and see these ruins.

It is masterfully done and constructed and a very suitable tribute to the underlying importance of the spiritual site located there.

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