Khalid Nabi Cemetery

Home of the grave of pre-Islamic prophet from Yemen who died in the 4th century, Khalid Nabi Cemetery attracts thousends of pilgrims annually

Golestan, Iran

Coordinates: 37.742978, 55.420269

First Heading

Khalid Nabi Cemetery (Cemetery of the Prophet Khaled) is a cemetery in northeastern Iran’s Golestan province near the border with Turkmenistan, roughly 60 kilometres (40 mi) northeast of Gonbad-e Kavous city.

It is mainly situated on a mountain ridge about 1 km distance from the mausoleum called “Khaled Nabi” who according to oral tradition of the Yomut Turkmans was a pre-Islamic prophet and whose mausoleum is visited by them for pilgrimage

Despite its proximity to the genitalia cemetery, the prophet is in fact buried in a classic tomb, and is actually a pilgrimage site for many Turkmen who place ribbons on his shrine. The combination of pilgrims and curious tourists make for an odd mix of playful and pious visitors to Khalid Nabi.

At the Tombsite, womens pray seeking boons for their welfare, by way of tying ribbons in closeby trees. The isolated cemetery has become popular tourist attraction in Iran and a source of amusement amongst visitors.

Also there is a wonderful cemetery of very interesting shapes of in male and female sexual symbol shape stones. Somebody thinks that this cemetery belongs to stone age era, but unfortunately there is not very perfect scientific researches for that yet.

The cemetery is now a national heritage site protected by the Iranian government.

Know This

Be careful on the way especially in middle of the week because there are no body to help you. When you arrive your destination with your car you can go easily to the Khalid Nabi Cemetery but for going to the historical cemetery with amazing gravestone you should hiking for 20 minutes and also 30 minutes for your coming back.

Do not forget to take bottle of water with yourself.

The best timing is mid April~ mid May. Snowy before, dry after. This is the green period, Bring your mountain boots if it is rainy, Be there before sunset to enjoy it.