Koh Khidr Nabi in Qom

One of the most famous maqams of Prophet Khidr in Iran, It is believed that there was a 3,000-year-old cave above this mountain in which Prophet Khidr a.s prayed at one time during his life.

Qom, Iran

Coordinates: 34.58856, 50.86686

Khizr Nabi Mountain is one of the holy and most visited places in Qom city, which is located near Jamkaran. This place, which offers an eye-catching view of the city of Qom to visitors, has been greatly developed in recent years.

According to shia historians and archaeologists, it seems that around 3,000 years ago, there was a cave at the top of Khudr mountain, which was probably considered the place of prayer and worship of Hazrat Khidr Nabi (as); A cave that has turned into a small mosque today.

According to the local belief, in the era when Qom city had not yet expanded, many mystics, ascetics and seekers used this cave as a safe place and a spiritual retreat to perform their worship.

Although the belief that this mountain is related to khidr Nabi a.s, the attribution of this mountain to Hazrat Khizr (as) may not be correct for some reasons.

Rather, like some places of worship attributed to Suleiman a.s, Ahlul Bayt and his family in the Islamic era, it is actually a remnant of the places of worship or places and buildings of ancient Iran (before Islam).

The attribution of the tomb of Cyrus to the mother of Suleiman, the fire temple of Azargoshanesp to the throne of Suleiman, the Balqis spring, the mountain of Suleiman’s prison, the ancient city of Suleiman’s mosque, etc.

In the end, we cannot say with assurance that this mountain was actually related to Hz Khidr a.s or not.

Characteristics of the mountain

It will take about 15 minutes to climb to the top of Khizr Mountain at an average speed
In recent months, the path to the top of the mountain has been partially secured and short walls have been built around the path to make it suitable for children and the elderly.

At the top of the mountain there is a place of worship attributed to Hazrat Khizr Nabi (as).

At the top of the mountain, there is a toilet, drinking water and a small supermarket.
After descending to the bottom of the mountain, you can buy cob milk from the stalls around the mountainside and drink it.

It is definitely recommended for travellers who go to Qom to visit it once, and it is not without pleasure.

Some of the information provided in this articles is provided from the Shia scholars