Masjid al-Khaif

Only opened during the Hajj season, Masjid al-Khaif is one of the most important mosque in mina valley where it is said according to many traditions that Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and it also knows as burial site of Hz. Adam عليه اسلام and 70 other prophets

Mecca Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 21.415121, 39.878154

Masjid Al Khaif is the most important masjid in the land or zone of Mina in Mecca. “Khaif”,refers to the feet of the mountain, the land between two mountains or the land higher than its neighboring lands. Therefore, the mosque built at the feet of Safa’ih (Sabih) mountain in Mina is called al-Khaif.

Al-Khaif Mosque is the mosque where it is said that Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ performed salah and delivered one of the speeches of Hajjat al-Wada’ there.

Today this mosque is open to those who make prayer only during the time of hajj. The door of this mosque is only open during the time of Staying in Mina and is closed almost the rest of the year.

It is said that, according to some narrations, that 70 Messengers of Allah had offered salah here in Masjid Al-Khaif

This place has been mentioned as the graves of Prophet Adam عليه اسلام together with seventy other prophets.

The place of the noble Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayer is in front of the current minaret where there was a big dome over it in the past.

Imam al-Sadiq رضي الله عنه has advised to make prayer in this mosque and hundred times of Tasbih, Tahlil, and Tahmid has been mentioned to have great rewards.

It is quite a big Mosque which can accommodate thousands of Pilgrimagers but still not enough since millions of Muslims performe Hajj every year.

It has all amanities for visitors/worshipers such as toilets and abolition/Wudhu place.

This mosque is very wide and and there are seperate enterance doors for males and females. The cooling system is also very very good.