Miracles in Cana

Important tourist destination for Christian pilgrims, as here Hz. Isa عليه اسلام remotely healed a person 30 km away and (allegedly) turned water into wine at a wedding in which he was invited (which didn’t happened acc to Islamic scholars)

Kafr Kanna, Israel Occupied Palestine

Coordinates: 32.747042, 35.338442

This place is considered where two miracles were done by Hz. Isa عليه اسلام

The Wedding Church at Cana or simply Wedding Church, also Franciscan Wedding Church, is a religious building of the Catholic Church located in the central part of the town of Kafr Kanna in the Lower Galilee in northern Israel occupied Palestine.

It is dedicated to weddings. Its name commemorates an event from the Christian Gospel of John, known as The Wedding at Cana, during which Hz. Isa عليه اسلام performed the miracle of turning water into wine. (which according to muslim scholars didn’t happen)

First Miracle : Marriage in Cana

The transformation of water into wine at the Marriage at Cana or Wedding at Cana is the first miracle attributed to Hz. Isa عليه اسلام.

In one account, Hz. Isa عليه اسلام, and his disciples are invited to a wedding, and when the wine runs out, Hz. Isa عليه اسلام (allegedly) delivers a sign of his divinity by turning water into wine.

Islamic viewpoint on wine in the times of Hz. Isa عليه اسلام

There are two possibilities let’s examine them one by one:

First possibility: The Biblical writers got it wrong and Hz. Isa عليه اسلام never actually drank wine or changed water to wine.

Since the Muslim contention is that the present Bible has been changed from what Hz. Isa عليه اسلام taught, it is a fair to accept that the “wine drinking” mentioned in the Bible is also incorrect. This point is noteworthy if we examine the four Gospel writers.

Mark was a Roman convert who had never met Hz. Isa عليه اسلام. Both Mathew and Luke, have used Mark’s document as their source and reproduced large portions of it in their own Gospels while at the same time using a secondary source that is called Q now. John is the last Gospel among the four to be written and it is noted that there are inconsistencies between John and the other three Gospels.

Another point that has been raised by some thinkers is that the wine mentioned in the Gospels was actually not wine but un-fermented grape juice.

Keeping all these points in mind, for Muslims it does not matter what the Biblical writers have written about the “wine drinking” because the authenticity of their writings is suspect for Muslims.

So hence, the “wine drinking” or turning water into wine did not happen (according to Muslims).

Second Possibilities: Allah had allowed Hz. Isa عليه اسلام and his followers to drink wine while forbidding it to the the Last Prophet ﷺ and the Muslims.

It is plausible but not probable because if wine had been allowed for Hz. Isa عليه اسلام, it would have been mentioned in the Quran (which it isn’t). On the other hand, the dietary restrictions placed on Jews and not on Muslims have been mentioned in the Quran.

We forbade the Jews certain foods that had been lawful to them for their wrongdoing, and for hindering many from the Way of Allah, Quran 4:160

After going through the above discussion, it can be agreed that Muslims believe that the instances of Jesus interactions with wine were incorrect or misrepresented.

In the end, Allah knows best.

Relics from that wedding

The two vessels inside the church are not from the period when Hz. Isa عليه اسلام lived.

However on the right side of the entrance, in a gilded glass, you can find a relic belonging to the groom from that wedding.

Second miracle: emote healing of a man

The second miracle happened when Hz. Isa عليه اسلام visited Cana.

He was met by a distressed official of the court of Herod Antipas. The official lived at Capernaum which Hz. Isa عليه اسلام was soon to make his home town and he had come to plead for his son, who was dying.

Hz. Isa عليه اسلام now showed he could heal from 30km away. He told the official “Go your son will live”.

When the official reached his house his son was healed.

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