Mount Ararat

Boasting 2 volcanic peaks, this snow-capped mountain is the country’s largest & considered sacred as legend says that Ark of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام rested here

Iğdır and Ağrı provinces, Turkey

Coordinates: 39.704373, 44.304098

Mount Ararat is resting place of Ark of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام according to biblical sources.

However one point to note that according to Quran the place of Ark of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام is mount Judi which is around 300 Km to mount ararat.

The mountain has been called by the name Ararat (in the West) since the Middle Ages, as it began to be identified with “mountains of Ararat” described in the Bible as the resting place of Ark of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام, despite contention that Genesis 8:4 does not refer specifically to a Mt. Ararat.

The Ark of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام is supposed to have landed here after the floods, what brings special and dear meanings to “Mount Ararat”.

It is one of the most revered symbols of Armenia, the first country in the world to be declared, back in 301 AD, a “Christian Nation”.

Many battles have been won and lost on its foothills and “Mount Ararat” stands now on the Turkish side of the borders between Turkey and Armenia.

Origin of the tradition

Ark of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام landed on the “mountains of Ararat”, according to Genesis 8:4.

Mount Ararat has been associated with the Genesis account since the 11th century, and Armenians began to identify it as the ark’s landing place during that time.

F. C. Conybeare wrote that the mountain was “a center and focus of pagan myths and cults… and it was only in the eleventh century, after these had vanished from the popular mind, that the Armenian theologians ventured to locate on its eternal snows the resting-place of Noah’s ark.”

Prevalence of the tradition

Despite numerous reports of ark sightings (e.g. Ararat anomaly) and rumors, no scientific evidence of the ark has emerged.

Ararat has traditionally been the main focus of the searches for Ark of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام. Augustin Calmet wrote in his 1722 biblical dictionary, “It is affirmed, but without proof, that there are still remains of Ark of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام on the top of this mountain; but M. de Tournefort, who visited this spot, has assured us there was nothing like it; that the top of mount Ararat is inaccessible, both by reason of its great height, and of the snow which perpetually covers it.

Archaeological expeditions, sometimes supported by evangelical and millenarian churches, have been conducted since the 19th century in search of the ark.

According to a 1974 book around 200 people from more than 20 countries claimed to have seen the Ark on Ararat since 1856.

A fragment from the ark supposedly found on Ararat is on display at the museum of Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the center of the Armenian Church.

Know This

The best views were when we took a taxi to the meteor crater on the Iranian border with Turkey. From that highway, Mount Ararat was on the left side having the best views.

Also great views from the meteor crater as well if you want to do both. Something surreal about this peak, and knowing it is seen from Iran, Armenia and Turkey makes it even more special.

There are regular minibuses from Dogubeyazit to the Iranian border, allowing you to jump off to see Mt. Ararat.

The minibuses are not very regular in the winter, so check with your hotel first.

Make sure you take warm sports clothes, something to cover your face with as the winds are very strong there with small icy particles being blown at you.

Sunscreen and a cap is an absolute must unless you want to turn into a tomato by the end of the day. You don’t need any special equipment, crampons to walk on snow the last parts to the summit are usually provided by the tour organisers.

You have to get an authorization from Turkish government to climb Ararat and have a LOCAL guide.