Pella Jordan

Called Panuel in the ancient times, Named by Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام after he wrestled there all night with angel of Allah

Tabqet Fahel, Jordan

Coordinates: 32.449769, 35.610846

According to some Jewish and Christians historians, the fight between Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام and an angel of Allah happened here in Pella jordan.

Pella the site of ancient Penuel Some of the most important events in the lives of Hz. Ishaq عليه اسلام twin sons, Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام and Esau, took place in ancient Jordan.

The sites of Penuel (Pella) is knows as where Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام stopped during his flight from Mesopotamia to Canaan


Penuel was so named by Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام after he wrestled there all night with angel of Allah.

When Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام camped at Mahanaim on his way to meet Esau, he was greeted by the angels of Allah who protected him.

According to the Torah, Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام was about to be attacked and killed by a warring tribe.

Allah sent an angel down to prevent him from entering the area where he would be hurt/killed.

Prophet Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام (peace be upon him) did not know he was dealing with an angel trying to block his path and therefore tried to overcome the angel physically in a struggle.

The angel wrestled with him all night to prevent Prophet Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام (peace be upon him) from being hurt.

Finally the angel became frustrated and dislocated Prophet Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام’s hip to keep him in one place.

A massive Bronze and Iron Age temple recently discovered at Pella, in the northern Jordan Valley, is thought to be the best preserved temple from Old Testament.

Islamic interpretation

This story is not mentioned in the Quran, but is discussed in Muslim commentaries.

The commentaries employ the story in explaining other events in the Hebrew Bible that are discussed in the Quran that have parallels, like Hz. Musa عليه اسلام being attacked by an angel, and to explain Jewish eating customs.

Story narrated in Ibn kathir

Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام becomes Israel

When the dawn of the second day came one of the angels appeared in the shape of a man. Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام began to wrestle with him. They were neck and neck until the angel injured his high and Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام became lame. When the day was breaking, the angel said to him: ‘What is your name?’ He answered: ‘Yaqub’ The angel said: “After today you shall not be called anything but Israel.”

Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام asked: “Who are you? What is your name?” He vanished. Then Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام knew that he was one of the angels. Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام was ubable to walk, and for this reason the children of Israel do not eat the thigh muscle on the hip socket.

After that incident Hz. Yaqub عليه اسلام was also named israel which means “to struggle with God”

Note: Some of the information in this article comes from Christians sources.