Precinct of Mut

A temple in Egypt that has survived to this day, the so-called monastery of the ancient Egyptian goddess Mut in Karnak (Luxor)

Luxor, Egypt

Coordinates: 25.711798, 32.655233

The Precinct of Mut is an Ancient Egyptian temple compound located in the present city of Luxor (ancient Thebes), on the east bank of the Nile in South Karnak.

The compound is one of the four key ancient temples that creates the Karnak Temple Complex. It is approximately 325 meters (1,066 feet) south of the precinct of the Amun.

The precinct itself encompasses approximately 90,000 square meters (968,751 square feet) of the entire area.

Mut, like Sekhmet is generally depicted with the feline features, yet Sekhmet is generally standing (warrior like), Mut seated. There is only a small fraction of the statues that were originally there, yet you get a sense of the place. Each statue was to the ancient Egyptians a depiction of a different aspect of Mut, so each statue is a different degree of the neter (nature) of Mut.

Know This

You have to buy your ticket inside the Karnak complex and then you have to drive around the other side of the complex to get to the Precinct of Mut. It is a struggle, because no signs are available for tourists, nothing shows where to go. But it is worth, very nice and very quiet – since people hardly know about this temple.Its marketing is zero.