Quba Castle

One of the Ottoman heritage in the Arabian Peninsula, Quba Castle is an old Ottoman garrison that was built by military leader Fakhri Pasha defend Medinah Sharif against the Britishers and their allies

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.447538, 39.612740

Quba Castle, one of the ancient castles in Medina, which was established during the Hashemite campaign against Fakhri Pasha and the Turks to depose Turkish rule and establish Arab rule.

It is considered one of the forts that have spread on the outskirts of the city and are designated to guard it and monitor what is going on outside.

The castle then became one of the most prominent monuments on the land of Medinah Sharif
and it was built on a hill in Harrat Bani Bayada, nowadays, the area is called Al-Dawima neighborhood, north of the Quba Mosque and 1500 meters away from it.


Sharif Hussein Fakhri Pasha saw the need to control the Quba region, lest the Hashemites organize an attack on the city from that side. He was interested in opening the military supply road from the city to Quba, starting from Quba Gate in the wall until the Quba Mosque, and this area is considered as orchards connected to each other, served by a winding road.

So Fakhri Pasha issued his orders to make it a straight road.

The surveyors worked the path of the road, and the army workers opened this road through the orchards, and military convoys went to work to establish more fortifications between Quba and the city, and Quba Castle was one of the most important fortifications that Fakhry Pasha established as a defensive castle and a control area at the same time,

The Quba road was preceded by the opening of Al-Aynia Street in 1333 AH / 1914 AD to deliver military convoys to Bab Al-Salam, the headquarters of Fakhri Pasha.


Quba Castle has an area of ​​218 square meters and consists of three floors built from the black stones of Medina.

It is painted with white plaster, and it has one main door, and all its three floors contain openings that supervise all four sides, used for monitoring, protection and shooting.