Quranic places in Yemen

Temple of Awwam

Also knows as Mahram Bilqis, it was once a Sabaean temple dedicated to the principal deity of Saba, Almaqah, near Ma'rib in what is now Yemen

Ancient Dam of Ma’rib

One of the engineering wonders of the ancient world and a central part of the Sabaean and Himyarite kingdoms around Ma'rib

Ruins of Old Ma’rib

Capital of the ancient kingdom of Saba which some scholars believe to be the ancient Sheba of biblical fame

Cathedral of Abraha (Al Qalis Church)

Islamic tradition credits Abraha al-Ashram with a military expedition against the Quraysh of Mecca in an invasion of Hejaz in 570 CE, known as the Year of the Elephant. The tafsir (exegesis) of the surat al-Fil states...