Rizvaniye Mosque

Located in Urfa, Rızvaniye Mosque is a more recent Ottoman mosque built in 1716, adjoining the Balıkligöl complex near the Mevlid-i Halil Mosque

Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Coordinates: 37.147736, 38.784912

Rizvaniye Mosque with Fish Lake is one of the most nicest and popular place in the central park.

Built in 1716, Rizvaniye Mosque is adjoining the Balıkligöl complex near the Mevlid-i Halil Mosque.

The mosque is in a lovely setting right next to the Pool of Abraham (Balıklıgöl – the sacred fish pond) and beautifully lit up at night.

The austere exterior with one minaret, complements the serenity of the site.

The mosque is built in the middle of a garden surrounded by a madrasa on three sides.

The wooden gate of the mosque with carved motifs on it are worth a closer look. The three domed (one in the center being larger) rectangular interior is simple. The pulpit is a small balcony carved out of stone.

The mosque’s interior receives lots of lite through plenty of windows, yet there are air conditions, lite fixtures, cabintes, etc. to create visual pollution.

Know This

You can visit the mosque off prayer hours

Ladies should cover heads and bare arms. No shorts are allowed. The shoes must be taken off and can be kept on the shelfs inside the mosque.