Rock of Wife of Hz. Lut عليه اسلام

One in Jordan and one in Isreal occupied Palestine, Here lies the salt pillar of Wife of Hz. Lut عليه اسلام who disbelieved in the messenger of Allah and Froze to death

Dead Sea, Israel Occupied Palestine

Statue in Jordan

Statue in Israel Occupied Palestine

Coordinates: 31.082004, 35.395546

It was informed to Hz. Hz. Lut عليه اسلام and those who believed in him, were to be spared, but his wife was to die in the destruction, with the angels stating that “she is of those who lag behind”.

The Quran also draws upon Hz. Hz. Lut عليه اسلام’s wife as an “example for the unbelievers” as she was married to a righteous man but refused to believe in his message and was thus condemned to Hell.

In the Quran, surah (chapter) 26 Ash-Shu’ara (The Poets)

So, We saved him and his family, all. Except an old woman among those who remained behind.

Commentary: This was his wife, who was a bad old woman. She stayed behind and was destroyed with whoever else was left. This is similar to what Allah says about them in Surat Al-A`raf and Surat Hud, and in Surat Al-Hijr, where Allah commanded him to take his family at night, except for his wife, and not to turn around when they heard the Sayhah as it came upon his people.

So they patiently obeyed the command of Allah and persevered, and Allah sent upon the people a punishment which struck them all, and rained upon them stones of baked clay, piled up.

Though Hz. Lut عليه اسلام left the city, his wife looked behind and was destroyed.

Quran 26:170–171

Site of the statues

There are two locations famous for the salt pillar of wife of Hz. Lut عليه اسلام. One is in Israel occupied Palestine and another one in Jordan.

Most prominent site is believed to be in Jordan.

Note: There are two pillar for wife of Hz. lut alahi salam, one in Israel occupied Palestine and other is in Jordan