Sakhirat Al-Yamaam

The stunning black hillock of al-Yamaam, frequently mentioned in the accounts of the Pilgrimage route, is located approximately 46 kms from the Prophet’s mosque (pbuh)

Al Furaysh, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.248166, 39.222379

Sakhirat Al-Yamam is a site about 46 km away from the city of Medinah sharif, located in the northwest of Al Furaysh, and it was one of the stations on the caravan route

It is said that here Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stayed and than went on to Badr and than to Mecca sharif.


The routes taken by the Prophet ﷺ during the battle of Badr have been described by Ibn hisham as follows. “The Prophet started from Medinah and set in the direction of Mecca. He passed through the hills and mountains of Medina crossing Aqiq, Zil Halifa, Oolat al-Jaish, Tarban, Khamis al-Hamam, Sakhirat al-Yamam, Siyalah, Fajj al-Rawah, Arq az-Zabivy and then landed in a place called Sajaj. This place is also knows as Bir ar-Rawha.”