One of the main centers of Jews worship during the pre-monarchic period, Shiloh once had presence the Tent Shrine and Ark of the Covenant for which people made pilgrimages there for major feasts and sacrifices

West Bank, Palestine

Coordinates: 32.054400, 35.299100

Shiloh was an ancient city in Samaria mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament.

It has been positively identified with modern Khirbet Seilun, a tell or archaeological mound, called in Modern Hebrew Tel Shiloh.

It is located in the West Bank, to the west of the modern Israeli settlement town of Shiloh and to the north of the Palestinian town of Turmus Ayya.

The Bible describes Shiloh as an assembly place for the people of Israel from the time of Hz. Yusha عليه اسلام (Joshua).

Sacrifices were brought there by the Israelites during the period of judges, and it was also the site of various religious celebrations and festivals.

The prophet Samuel (Hz. Shammil عليه اسلام) was reportedly raised there, and the Ark of the Covenant remained at Shiloh until it was captured by the Philistines during one of the battle.