St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church

It is one of the three places where, according to roman catholic christians, beheading of Hz. Yahya عليه اسلام took place

Madaba, Jordan

Coordinates: 31.714730, 35.793411

The Roman Catholic church of Saint John the baptist is built on the site where, according to some christians belief, where Hz. Yahya عليه اسلام was beheaded.

This is one of the three places which claims to be that site, other being Mukawir and Sebastia.

The most interesting part of the church is the basement/underground tunnels and exhibits. There’s a really old well down there, as well as reproduction of famous mosaic pieces.

The church itself is relatively modern but features a nice photo collection and a replica mosaic.

Located in the less populated by tourists area of Madaba, church has a museum, also you can go to the underground part of the church to see the ancient well, and go all the way up to the tower.

It has a nice photography museum especially of people who used to live in Madaba in the old times with their nice costumes.

It’s possible to climb stairs inside the steeple to reach windows and step out onto a ledge that offers an amazing 360° view over the town.

However, the climb requires shoes with good grip as the metal stairs become arrow towards the top.

Note: Some of the information in this article comes from Christians sources.