Al-Qaeda Militants Destroy Sufi Shrine in Yemen

Sufi Shrines Destroyed by Wahhabis in Yemen

Sufi shrines and structures have been targeted by Wahhabi Islamists across the region, including Libya, Mali, and Tunisia


Tomb of Sheikh Abdul hadi al-Sudi ุฑุญู…ุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡

Sunni Wahhabi radicals in Yemen Blew up a 16th-century mosque housing the shrine of a highly respected Sufi scholar and Awliya Sheikh Abdulhadi al-Sudi ุฑุญู…ุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ in Aden, in the city of Taiz.

Shooters led by a Salafist local chief known as Abu al-Abbas blew up the mosque of Sheikh Abdulhadi al-Sudi ุฑุญู…ุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡

It said the mosque’s white dome was “one of the biggest domes in Yemen and one of the most beautiful religious sites in old Taez.”

Residents have complained of the growing influence of radical Wahhabism in the city.

Tomb OF Sufi Saint Sufyan Bin Abdullah ุฑุญู…ุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡

Al Qaeda militants destroyed the 800-year-old tomb of Sufi saint Sufyan bin Abdullah ุฑุญู…ุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡
in Al Hota town, Lahij province, Yemen, on January 27. Bin Abdullah ุฑุญู…ุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ was famed for having fought for Saladin in 1187 CE when he ousted the Crusaders from Jerusalem.

Despicable acts by Wahhabis Militants
Attack published in the press describes a group of over thirty fighters on motorcycles who ransacked the shrine. The Wahhabi radicals allegedly tore down the building, unearthed the tomb and adjacent graves, and discarded the remains on the ground.

This is one of many examples of vandalism of religious sites in the conflict-stricken region and demonstrates the challenges many governments are facing in protecting their cultural and religious heritage from Wahhabi Islamists.

The Sufi shrine’s destruction follows a string of attacks on cultural heritage sites across Iraq and Syria by Al Qaeda & ISIS.

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