Tel Hazor

An ancient city located in the Upper Galilee, the remains of Hazor were designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as part of the Biblical Tels – Megiddo, Hazor, Beer Sheba

Ayelet HaShahar, Israel Occupied Palestine

Coordinates: 33.0185, 35.5701

Tel Hazor is an archaeological tell at the site of ancient Hazor, located in Israel occupied Palestine, Upper Galilee, north of the Sea of Galilee, in the northern Korazim Plateau.

It maintained commercial ties with Babylon and Syria, and imported large quantities of tin for the bronze industry.

In the Book of Joshua, Hazor is described as “the head of all those kingdoms” (Josh. 11:10).

Of the three World Heritage biblical tels in Israel, Tel Hazor is by far the least visited.

According to the Old Testament, Hazor was the site of one of Hz. Yusha’s عليه اسلام key victories in his conquest of Canaan after Hz. Musa عليه اسلام passing away; he supposedly burned the city to the ground, clearing the way for Jews settlement.

Excavations are ongoing, and though some evidence of burned materials and structures have surfaced, archaeologists are still debating whether the biblical battle actually took place.