Tell es-Sultan (Jerico)

Inhabited from the 10th millennium BCE, and has been called “the oldest town in the world”, Jerico is famous with many significant archaeological finds

West Bank, Palestine

Coordinates: 31.870800, 35.439400

Tell es-Sultan also known as Tel Jericho or Ancient Jericho, is the site of ancient and biblical Jericho and today a UNESCO-nominated archaeological site in the West Bank, located two kilometres north of the centre of Jericho.

It’s reputed to be the oldest town on earth. It is said that here Hz. Isa عليه اسلام healed Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, and dined with Zacchaeus, the rich tax collector. And both Cleopatra and Herod the Great coveted this lush oasis.

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of more than 20 successive settlements in Jericho, the first of which dates back 11,000 years (9000 BCE) almost to the very beginning of the Holocene epoch of the Earth’s history.

Copious springs in and around the city have attracted human habitation for thousands of years. It is described in the Hebrew Bible as the “city of palm trees”

Jericho is mentioned 70 times in the Old Testament.