Tell Mar Elias | Birthplace of Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام

A site of for both Muslims and Christians significance, Tell Mar Elias is knows to be the birth place of Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام

Ajloun, Jordan

Coordinates: 32.362255, 35.722207

Tell Mar Elias is a tell (an archaeological mound) located slightly outside the town limits and northwest of Ajloun in the Ajloun Governorate, northern Jordan, in the historical region of Gilead.

This is one of the Possible site for being the birthplace of Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام

There is a church that was dedicated to the birthplace of the Prophet Ilyas عليه اسلام who apparently was born nearby (village no longer exists).

The ruins of a Byzantine church dedicated to prophet Elijah and including two churches can be seen on the tell.

“Respect for the spirit of Nebhi-Ilyas”, as the prophet Elias is called in the Koran, “is given to a grove of oak trees above the ruins” of the Byzantine churches there.


It is about 9km out of Ajlun and worth the hunt for it. There are extensive mosaics, the remains of the outer walls of the church, the baptistry and an underground crypt. The views alone are worth the visit.

The site includes the ruins of one of the largest known Byzantine churches in Jordan. Artifacts from the site, including marble carvings and small metal religious objects, are displayed in the archaeological museum of nearby Ajloun Castle.

Know This

One of the most beautiful historical places in Jordan just about 9 km from Ajloun, built on highland, visitors can recognize clearly wide lands on the west side of Jordan River.

Visit before sunset & watch sunset there.