Tomb of Ibn al-Qasim

Tomb of One of the greatest Maliki scholar and a contemporary of Imam Malik رضي الله عنه

Cairo, Egypt

Coordinates: 30.041998, 31.271093

Ibn al-Qasim was a prominent early jurist in the Maliki school from Egypt.

He was one of Imam Malik’s رضي الله عنه main companions and had a tremendous influence in recording the positions of the school.

Ibn al-Qasim was the source for Sahnun in his Mudawwana, a record of Malik’s teachings.

He has the same position in the Maliki school as Muhammad al-Shaybani has in the Hanafi school, in so far as both of them transmitted their respective schools and made free use of ijtihad (independent reasoning).

He travelled from Egypt to Medinah sharif after what is recorded as a visionary dream and after having been drawn to gatherings of religious knowledge in Egypt.

In Medinah sharif, he met Imam Malik رضي الله عنه as well as Ibn Wahb, another of Imam Malik’s رضي الله عنه famous companions.

Ibn al-Qasim kept the company of Imam Malik رضي الله عنه for the relatively long period of about twenty years.

He was generally known for his vast knowledge. When Imam Malik رضي الله عنه was asked about him and Ibn Wahb, he replied that Ibn Wahb was a knowledgeable man whilst Ibn al-Qasim was a true faqih.

He was also known as having ascetic qualities and spent much of his time reciting the Quran such that he would finish many readings in a short space of time.

On his return to Egypt he refused to marry the daughters of wealthy officials and generally kept clear of the ruling class.

He died in Egypt at the age of 63 in the month of Safar, 191 AH (806 CE) three days after returning from a trip to Mecca sharif.