Tomb of Ramesses III

Often called the Tomb of the Harpists due to scenes showing harpists playing, the tomb of Ramses III depicts the events in the life of Egypt’s last warrior Pharaoh

Luxor, Egypt

Coordinates: 25.750000, 32.614300

Tomb KV11 is the tomb of ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses III. Located in the main valley of the Valley of the Kings, the tomb was originally started by Setnakhte, but abandoned when it broke into the earlier tomb of Amenmesse (KV10).

Ramses III ruled from about 1186-1155 BC and was known as the last of the warrior pharaohs. His tomb is one of the largest and longest at 410 ft (125 m).

Long passageways adorned with detailed, colorful reliefs and hieroglyphics lead down to the burial chamber. You wonโ€™t find Ramses III here. His mummy is in the Cairo Museum and the sarcophagus/lid in museums outside of Egypt.

It is widely believed that Ramses III was poisoned by his queen so her son could rule. Sad that a man who fought hard to save Egypt was betrayed by his family.

Although not quite up to the level of Ramses V/VI tomb, this one was also full of beautiful hieroglyphics. The Valley of the Kings has SO many tombs and it’s hard to choose. The irony, of course, is that these tombs were put in a part of the landscape that was hidden at the time they were built–and the Kings buried there would no doubt be outraged that we’re all lining up to see them.

Know This

Make sure you plan for an early morning. Cause by 09:00 this as packed. Being alone or in a small group in these tombs is a very surreal and calm experience, sharing it with a couple hundred of your friends- not so much.