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Tomb of Suleyman Shah

Father of Ertuğrul Ghazi and grandfather of the founder of Ottoman empire, here lies the legendary tomb of Suleyman Shah, the great warrior of Islam

Tomb of Ertuğrul Ghazi

Son of Suleyman Shah & the leader of the Kayı tribe, Ertuğrul Ghazi was rewarded with dominion over the town of Söğüt on the frontier with the Byzantine Empire which set off the chain of events that would ultimately...

Söğüt Ertuğrul Gazi Museum

Museum Containing well chosen old ottoman ethnographic (relating to the scientific description of peoples and cultures with their customs, habits, and mutual differences) exhibits are enough to give you an idea of life...

Tombs of Osman and Orhan Gazi

600 years old tombs of Osman and Orhan are in Tophane Park overlooking the city of Bursa. The western mausoleum houses the tomb of Osman Gazi (1258-1323) and the eastern one memorializes his son Orhan Gazi

Tomb of Halime Hatun

Tomb of Wife of Ertuğrul Ghazi and the mother of Osman I which is located in the garden of the Ertuğrul Gazi's grave in Söğüt

Tomb of Sultan Süleyman (Suleiman the Magnificent)

Longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Süleyman the Magnificent was a powerful man who conquered the Balkans and stood in front of Vienna with his troops, however this power was irrelevant in the hour of his...