Wadi El Hitan (Valley of Whales)

A place which many centuries ago was a part of the ocean is today a dessert. And driving through the desert and visiting the museum is an amazing experience once should not miss

Faiyum, Egypt

Coordinates: 29.333333, 30.183333

Wadi Al-Hitan is a paleontological site in the Faiyum Governorate of Egypt, some 150 kilometres (93 mi) south-west of Cairo.

Wadi Al-Hitan is the most important site in the world to demonstrate one of the iconic changes that make up the record of life on Earth: the evolution of the whales. It portrays vividly their form and mode of life during their transition from land animals to a marine existence.

It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2005 for its hundreds of fossils of some of the earliest forms of whale, the archaeoceti (a now extinct sub-order of whales).

The site reveals evidence for the explanation of one of the greatest mysteries of the evolution of whales: the emergence of the whale as an ocean-going mammal from a previous life as a land-based animal.

This protected area is about two hours outside of Cairo by car and is worth visiting. It’s must for fossil enthusiasts and Star Wars fans. The small museum and visitor centre is well laid out and informative, the trails through the landscape are well marked and the fossils are impressive.

Know This

You will have an amazing view of the sky at night you will see a 50 million years old fossils and you will enjoy the camping place there and the fire camp at night.

Not recommended to visit during the hot seasons. And be prepared for a long drive.

You have to go before sun up, take sun block and sun glasses with you, and of course water enough to spend such a wonderful day.