Al Ku Mosque (Mosque of the Elbow)

It is located within the botanical garden of Western Mountain route. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, when he came to Taif after being harrased in Mecca sharif stood at or near this place or leaned near it

Taif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 21.257003, 40.386869

Meanign Mosque of the Elbow in English, Al Ku mosque falls at the base of Mount Abu Zubaydah and is considered to be one of the most important and famous mosques in Taif.

The mosque is also known by the name Masjid al-Mawqif (Mosque of the Stopover) and it is said that the reason for naming it this is that Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ visited the spot where this mosque was built (prior to its construction) and stopped there after entering Talf.

It is also said that he ﷺ reclined on the ground (supporting himself with his elbow) when he stopped there and for this reason it is named Masjid al-Ku (Mosque of the Elbow).

As per some historians there is a mark on the rock at which Rasoolullah ﷺ leaned impacted by His leaning. No one can locate this rock there, might be obscured by construction of the Masjid.

The mosque was built later on to remember this occasion The mosque is in a dilapidated condition. Must visit while in Taif.

It is within the group of historical mosques of the Mathanah neighborhood.

This Masjid was built by the end of the Ottoman era and has been recently renovated.