Ezq Well

Another Historic Well which Prophet Muhammad ﷺ visited and drank from

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.438501, 39.615836

Located just opposite of Quba Mosque, history tells us that the Prophet ﷺ came and sat in this place among the immigrants and the Ansar, and drank from the well which is running to this day.

Some narration also says that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ visited this well at time of building Masjid Quba.

About the Location

It’s a beautiful farmhouse with a small water pond used for watering palms and trees using canal irrigation.

There are two stores, the first for selling dates, and the other for selling handicrafts.

The orchard still needs more development and care as long as it contains prophetic touches and effects.

Also, the presence of some ducks makes you feel the nature of the place and sit comfortably in it.

The place needs more attention due to its religious and historical importance, as the place is a little neglected in terms of parking lots.

Know This

The tea and coffee cafeteria is open only on weekends. Visitors are allowed to enter food and drinks, whether tea, coffee, etc. There is an entrance fee of 10 riyals per person