Tuwa Well

It’s a well next to which the Prophet ﷺ camped for one night, before bathing with its water the next morning, performing Salah and entering Mecca Sharif

Mecca Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 21.431633, 39.816658

It is one of the valleys in Mecca Sharif, which was once isolated and rugged. Nowadays, it is crammed with buildings. Today Bir Tuwa has been restricted to a well in Jarwal, called Tuwa.

At this well, the Prophet ﷺ had spent the night in. Then in the morning, he cleaned himself from its water and entered Mecca Sharif.

It is located at the bottom of Mecca Sharif at the north direction in Jarwal.

The word ’Tuwa’ means the pleated well.

Historical Significance

The significance of the well is that Prophet ﷺ spent a night there on the way to victory of Mecca Sharif along with 10,000 Sahaba. He took a bath with the water of the well the next morning and then performed Salah.

Thereafter, he entered Mecca Sharif.

The well has now been closed due to present quality of water.

It was therefore the practice of Hz. Abdullaah bin Umar رضي الله عنه always to spend a night here and then proceed to Mecca Sharif after taking a bath. “This is what Prophet ﷺ did,” he would say.

A Masjid had been constructed at the place near the well where Prophet ﷺ performed Salaah. This Masjid was in existence until recent times, when it was eventually demolished.