Haddaj Well

Considered one of the largest and oldest well in the Saudia Arabia, Haddaj Well is considered 2500 Years Old which is mentioned in Bible’s Book of Isaiah

Tayma, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 27.634824, 38.553427

Tayma or Tema is located in the northwestern Saudi Arabia, 400 km north of Madinah and 260 km southeast of Tabuk.

Hadaj well, near Tayma city center, is considered one of the largest wells in the Arabia Peninsula. It was dug and constructed in the sixth century B.C.

Bir Hadaj (Hadaj well) has a diameter of 18 meters (some says it’s 20). Surrounded by palm gardens, the area represents Tayma’s status as an oasis

This well and its surroundings served as a thirst quenching ground for myriads of travelers from ancient times till Islamic period. Ancient Tayma was an important oasis and trade station on the spice route.

It was said to be buried when the flood disaster hit Tayma and centuries later, was reconstructed

Bir Haddaj is mentioned in the Bible in reference to Tayma:
“The inhabitants of the land of Tema brought water to him that was thirsty, they prevented with their bread him that fled.” (Isa 21:14.7)

In ancient times, people used this well as a meeting point. It was also one of the major meeting points and stay area for traders, travelers, and pilgrims.