Jabal Az-Zaitun (Mount of Olives)

Having an estimated 150,000 graves, Mount of Olives is famed for having tombs traditionally associated with Hz. Zakariyya عليه اسلام Prophet Haggai and Prophet Malachi

Jerusalem, Israel occupied Palestine

Coordinates: 28.531482, 77.219407

Jabal Az-Zaitun or Mount of Olives is a mountain ridge east of and adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City.

Several key events in the life of Hz. Isa عليه اسلام , as related in the Gospels, took place on the Mount of Olives, and in the Acts of the Apostles it is described as the place from which Hz. Isa عليه اسلام ascended to heaven.

Because of its association with both Hz. Isa عليه اسلام and Bibi Maryan رضي الله عنها , the mount has been a site of Christian worship since ancient times and is today a major site of pilgrimage for Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, and Protestants.

Much of the top of the hill is occupied by At-Tur, a former village that is now a neighbourhood of East Jerusalem.

The Mount of Olives is frequently mentioned in the New Testament as part of the route from Jerusalem to Bethany and the place where Hz. Isa عليه اسلام stood when he wept over Jerusalem (according to New Testament)

Hz. Isa عليه اسلام is said to have spent time on the mount, teaching and prophesying to his disciples (Matthew 24–25).

At the foot of the Mount of Olives lies the Garden of Gethsemane. The New Testament tells how Hz. Isa عليه اسلام and his disciples sang together on the mount.

Hz. Isa عليه اسلام ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives according to Acts 1:9–12.