Tomb of Tabitha

Raised from the dead by Hz. Peter رضي الله عنه, Tomb of Tabitha is impressive and definitely worth visiting to see a church with every single inch of the walls and ceiling decorated

Tel Aviv, Israel Occupied Palestine

Coordinates: 32.054714, 34.752139

Tabitha was a disciple who lived in Jaffa, referenced in the Acts of the Apostles (9:36–42) in the New Testament.

Biblical accounts

Acts recounts that when she died, she was mourned by “all the widows…crying and showing (Peter) the robes and other clothing that she had made while she was still with them” (Acts 9:39).

The Greek construct used in this passage indicates that the widows were the recipients of her charity, but she may also have been a widow herself.

It is likely that she was a woman of some means, given her ability to help the poor.

The disciples present called upon Hz. Peter رضي الله عنه , who came from nearby Lydda to the place where her body was being laid out for burial, and raised her from the dead.

This narrative concerning Tabitha indicates her prominence in the community at Joppa. This might also be indicated by the fact that Hz. Peter رضي الله عنه took the trouble to come to her from a neighbouring city, when requested by the community members.

When you visit Jaffa don’t miss this wonderful church. It is a real gem, and a curiosity as it is a Russian Ortodox church. Don’t miss walking through the gardens and down to Tabitha’s tomb either.

Know This

Take note that this is not a tourist attraction (nor pretend to be), but a place for praying and reflection, and as such should be visited. Proper attire is requested, and women are normally covered.

The church is located in the Abu Kabir neighborhood east of Old Jaffa. The entrance is located on a side lane (Ofer Cohen Street) south of Kibbutz Galuyot Street.