Al-Minaratain Mosque (Bani Deenar Mosque)

Rebuilt and expanded during the reign of King Fahd bin Abdulaziz in 2003, Masjid al-Minaratain is a mosque built at the location where the Prophet ﷺ had prayed

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.455450, 39.593483

Al Minaratain Mosque (Mosque of the two towers) is a mosque located in Medina Sharif, Saudi Arabia.

This mosque is named as “two towers” because it is located in between two mountains which were dubbed as two towers.

The place has the old main street towards Mecca on the left hand side between Amberiye mosque and the two mosque ring lane, after the gas station.

Al Minaratain Mosque is a mosque built at the location where the Prophet ﷺ had prayed.

Hadith Narration (This incident is said to have happened here)

It was a day when Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was going to Wadi Aqeeq (with his Sahabah), he ﷺ prayed at a Masjid and when they moved ahead further, there was a dead goat on a side. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ asked the Sahabah “Of what value this goat is for its owner?”

Sahabah said “This goat is of no value for anyone”. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said “Value of Dunya (world) for its Creator (Allah) is less than this dead goat’s value to its owner”.


In the beginning, this mosque was built only by rocks, and seeing the importance of its historical value that exists in the region, it was restored and expanded during the rule of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz in 2003.