As-Suqya Mosque

Situated at the spot where the Prophet ﷺ prayed and supplicated for the well-being of the Muslims of Medinah sharif, before departing for the Battle of Badr

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.460873, 39.600185

Mosque of As-Suqya is a mosque located in Medina, Saudi Arabia inside the current Anbariya train station. It is 2km from Masjid-e-Nabwi.

The mosque was built on the praying spot of Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ when he went out for the Battle of Badr and this is considered to be the place where Surah al-Anfal verse 7 was descended.

[Remember, O believers], when Allah promised you one of the two groups – that it would be yours – and you wished that the unarmed one would be yours. But Allah intended to establish the truth by His words and to eliminate the disbelievers

Quran Surah al-Anfal verse 7

When the Prophet ﷺ departed for the Battle of Badr he stopped here, performed ablution and offered salah.

The Prophet ﷺ stopped here on Sunday 12th Ramadhan 2 AH, corresponding to March 13 624 CE. The Muslims had set out to intercept a trade caravan headed by Abu Sufyan bin Harb (who at the time was not a Muslim). It consisted of 40 men, 1000 camels and goods worth around 50,000 dinars.

The mosque was named after the well of Suqya, owned by Hz. Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas رضي الله عنه, located in the south.

Prayer of the Prophet ﷺ

There are numerous variations of this du’a, possibly the one that was made at the time could have been the following.

Narrated Hz. Abdullah bin Zaid رضي الله عنه: The Prophet ﷺ said,“The Prophet Ibrahim (عليه اسلام) made Mecca a sanctuary, and asked for Allah’s blessing in it. I made Medinah a sanctuary as Ibrahim (عليه اسلام) made Mecca a sanctuary and I asked for Allah’s Blessing in its measures the mudd’ and the sa’ (units of measurement) as Ibrahim (عليه اسلام) did for Mecca, O Allah! Bless them in their measure, and bless them in their sa’ and mudd’.” He ﷺ meant the people of Medinah Sharif.


Towards the south of Masjid Suqya, just outside the boundary wall of the railway station was a well which belonged to Hz. Saad ibn Abi Waqqas رضي الله عنه.

On his way to the battle of Badr the Prophet ﷺ performed ablution with its water and water was drawn from here for him to drink.

Istiqlaa Prayer was led by Hz. Umar رضي الله عنه here

It is also being told that Hz. Umar رضي الله عنه lead the Istiqlaa prayer (prayer for rain) here by the request of Hz. Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib رضي الله عنه


This small mosque has three domes, and it is 56 meters square meters wide. It has elements of Umayyad architecture style, and it was restored at the time of the king Fahd bin Abdul Aziz rule.