Souq of Al-Habasha

Place where a souq existed during the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in which he used to trade before his ﷺ Prophethood

Bariq, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 18.930488, 41.929513

Souq Habasha was one among the greatest marketplaces of Arabia. It was in the territory of the Azdi tribe in Tihama, six days’ journey from Mecca.

It was perhaps the greatest Arab souq and also the last of the Jahiliyyah (pre-Islamic) markets to be destroyed. For many years, it was overseen annually during the month of Rajab by troops appointed by the governor of Mecca sharif.

Trading of the Prophet ﷺ

This was the place where prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to manage the trading activities of his wife Bibi Khadija رضي الله عنها

This was in the pre-Islamic times when He was not given prophethood.


The market is characterized by its location on of the most important old trade routes from Yemen to Makkah and then to the Levant. It is famous for the trade of gold, lead and kohl, as well as grains, dates and leather.

It was a melting pot for various people who had hailed from tribes that came for trading, arbitration, dispute resolution, as well as other purposes for which these markets were made.

This was also regarded as a safe place where the commercial caravans can come and stay. This place has been a source of attraction for all those people who had been welcomed by the tribes for various purposes.

Pre-Islamic Ruins

The market still contains some monuments from the era of prehistoric Islam and it being a significant commercial station at the time.

These monuments are such that people can guess what the place would look like in the era of Hz. Muhammad ﷺ.