Cave of Mount Uhud

Naturally formed cave on the side of Mount Uhud, It is where Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took refuge after being wounded during the Battle of Uhud

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.511831, 39.612981

Mount Uhud is a mountain north of Medina, Saudi Arabia. It is 1,077 m (3,533 ft) high and 7.5 km long.

It was the site of the second battle between Muslim and unbelievers.

The Cave of Mount Uhud is a naturally formed cave on the side of Mount Uhud. It is where Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took refuge after being wounded during the Battle of Uhud.

It is the also said that this is the site where Prophet ﷺ lost one of his front teeth.

Glad tidings to Hz. Talhah ibn Ubaidullah رضي الله عنه

At the foothill of mount Uhud, Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was found exhausted and on his knees, no longer capable of even standing, with blood still pouring from his many injuries.

The battle of Uhud was the most fierce encounter with the Quraish to date.

Hz. Talhah ibn Ubaidullah رضي الله عنه received from Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ the best news he would ever hear in his entire life – the glad tidings of Paradise- for his noble act of carrying our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ on his own back to the closest place of safety – the cave of Mount Uhud.

Psychological warfare of the Prophet ﷺ

Soon after Abu Sufyan along with Hz. Khalid ibn Walid رضي الله عنه caught up to the Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the Sahabas’ new position.

You may have seen this scene many times from the movie ‘The Message’ when Abu Sufyan congratulates Khalid (RA) and says to him thanks for leading their side to victory.

Hz. Khalid رضي الله عنه cleverly took advantage of the archers mistake by circling around Jabal Aynain with his battalion and launched a surprise attack on the Muslims from behind.

Hz. Khalid رضي الله عنه was not satisfied however, with this short gain.

He knew too well that the objective of the whole battle was to end Islam and that could never be achieved without killing the Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself.

That is when the famous conversation took place between Abu Sufyan, the leader of Quraish at that time and the Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Abu Sufyan then talked down the suggestion by Khalid (RA) of launching an attack on the Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ new position by advancing up the mountain.

Looking around he saw that the Muslims were spread in battalions at different parts of the Mountain surrounding the cave.

This was an ingenious move of the Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that he kept Sahaba in these positions as a way of psychological warfare just in case the battle did no go according to plan they would regroup up the mountain and fight from there.

It was not clear to Abu Sufyan whether more Muslims were hiding behind to launch a surprise offensive, and along with the advantage of the height of the Mountain the fate could once again turn in favour of the Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

He thus decided to run away with his army salvaging the short lived victory over the Muslims and return to Makkah as a triumphant leader.

Masjid al-Fash

Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ still resting in the cave was extremely thirsty and exhausted.

As the Quraish finally retreated away from Al-Madinah, Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ descended from the cave and near to the foothill of the mountain he is reported to have prayed Thuhur and Asar Salaah in a masjid which is now known as ‘Masjid al-Fash’ before finally making it to bury the slain bodies of the Shuhadah and pray over them.

Pilgrims to the site

Pilgrims have been coming to this cave in increasing numbers, seeking blessings and taking photos.

“Sunni muslims do not miss visiting the site when visiting Madinah.