Dome of al-Khidr

Believed to be built on the spot where Hz. Khizr عليه اسلام used to pray

Jerusalem, Palestine

Coordinates: 31.777381, 35.236022

This small hexagonal dome was built in the 16th Century CE (10th Century AH) on the Dome of the Rock Plateau, next to the northwestern arched gate to mark the spot where Muslims believe a righteous man, who was mentioned in chapter 18 of the Noble Qur’an, Al-Khadr (PBUH), used to pray to Allah.

The dome is based on six marble columns and includes a niche built with red stone inside.

It is the only domed structure on the Haram al-Sharif exhibiting a hexagonal plan. Most of the domed structures in Ottoman Jerusalem are octagonal in plan.

The founder is unknown. Some religious teachings encouraged benefactors to make their charitable donations without revealing their names.