Dome of the Lovers of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)

Also known as Iwan of Sultan Mahmud II, it’s a place where sufi sheikhs would gather for the dhikr of Allah

Jerusalem, Palestine

Coordinates: 31.778775, 35.234867

The Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II wanted to leave a landmark that commemorates him inside Al-Aqsa Mosque, thus he built this dome in the northern part of the mosque next to the Gate of Darkness in 1223 AH/808 AC.

It is known by the name “The Lovers of the Prophet ﷺ Dome” because Sufi Sheikhs used to gather under it for prayers and remembrance of Allah.

The dome is made of a square building which is open from all sides and topped with a small dome.

The building is based on four stone pillars built over a platform that is half a meter higher than the rest of Al-Aqsa’s grounds.

It is close to the Bab al-Atim (Gate of Darkness).