Dome of the Spirits

Also known as Qubbat Al-Arwah, Dome of the Spirits stands above exposed bedrock on the Haram ash-Sharif and derives its name due to its close location to “Spirits Cave”

Jerusalem, Palestine

Coordinates: 31.778775, 35.234867

This is a small octagonal dome located on the Dome of the Rock’s courtyard.

It is based on eight marble columns attached to eight arches carrying the dome’s drum. The Dome was probably built during the 10th Century AH/16th Century CE.

The Dome of the Sprits is located north-west of the Dome of the Rock (Kubbat al-Sakhra) and opposite of the Bab al-Rahmah (The Gate of Mercy) in al-Aqsa enclave. It is located close to the Dome of al-Khidr.

Several theories exist concerning the name of this building. It was called the “Spirits Dome” because of its close location to a cave called the “Spirits Cave”.

It could be associated with the proximity of the cave of the spirits or according to a legend, the souls of the deads will be gathered there for prayers.