Giza Solar boat museum

Intended to take Pharoah to the next world, this Solar Boat of Pharaoh was Discovered in a sealed vault buried behind the great pyramid of Cheops. The ancient Egyptians had disassembled and numbered each piece like a giant puzzle. The modern day archaeologist reassembled the boat using ancient methods

Giza, Egypt

Coordinates: 29.978056, 31.134444

The Giza Solar boat museum is located in Egypt. It was constructed around 1985 and is dedicated to display the reconstructed Khufu solar ship.

There are 5 long pits carved into the bedrock around Khufu’s Pyramid. Three were found empty, but in one a wonderful artifact was found, The Pharaohs solar boat to the afterlife. She is 90 ft. long and made out of cedar.

When discovered under 41 MASSIVE blocks it was totally disassembled (1224 pieces), and it took conservators 5 years to slowly reconstruct. Mud found on her bottom planks indicate this boat was actually used by the pharaoh, and now the craft is totally assembled and enclosed within a walk around display (but NO video allowed inside)

What a treasure this boat is, so amazing that it was able to be preserved for so many years.
The museum leading up to the boat is also amazing, original rope was still intact.

The museum is on two floors. The lower floor, where you enter, documents the discovery of the boat, some of the finds associated with it and the process of restoring it. Looking up, this level is not fully roofed, you get a sense of what lies ahead.

Know This

You will need to buy an extra camera ticket (extra 50 egyptian pounds) if you want to take photographs.