Hajeem well & Al-Noor Mosque

A well that is 1400 years old from which Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ drank from and a mosque in which he ﷺ prayed

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.430865, 39.605655

It is said that Messenger of Allah ﷺ prayed Namaz in this mosque and drank from Hajeem well which is just beside the mosque. You can still pull water as it is clear clean, drinkable water.

The mosque is just 4 walls surrounded with palm trees. You feels as if you are in the times of Dear Prophet ﷺ

This mosque is also called Al-Osbah mosque and Al-Tawbah Mosque.

Ibn Zabala narrated on the authority of Aflah bin Saeed and others that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ prayed in the Al-Tawbah Mosque in Al-Asbah.

It is said that before the emigration of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, Hz. Mus’ab ibn Umayr رضي الله عنه was sent for the religious education and training of the people of Medinah Sharif. At this blessed place, he invited the people of Aws and Khazraj.